Another boring medical renewal

And that’s the way I like them. My post from last time (Rants and Revelations » It’s so nice to renew your medical…) has all the links that explain why a boring medical renewal is the best kind.

I’ve been kind of dreading this for two reasons:

  • The doctor I go to usually spends the entire time making really stupid jokes about Hillary Clinton
  • And at no pattern I can discern, sometimes the exam includes a prostate check and sometimes it doesn’t.

This time, no Clinton jokes, no prostate exam. I had a lot more trouble than before on some parts of the eye test, particularly the one with these diamond shapes that you have to tell which corner has the checkerboard. When it came to the left eye ones, I had to unfocus my eyes and refocus them before I could even see a checkerboard on #1. I got to #10 on the others, but only #6 on those ones.

But I’m legal for another two years. Woo hoo.