Still working on it

I’m still working on the flying club web machine. I’ve put together a main page for them to look at. Basically I think the machine is functional as it is, but I want more.

The first and most important thing I want to do is have something that detects when the screen blanks. When it blanks and then comes out of blank, I want to present the user with the option to resume the session (in case they’re still standing there) or to start a new session. Either I’m going to have to write my own (using the X lib call DPMSInfo) or I’m going to have to hack on xscreensaver or one of the other screen lockers. I also have to figure out how to log a person off programmatically.

The second thing I’d like to add is support for removable usb drives – if there is a drive in the USB slot when they start a session, and that drive has a certain file on it, that whole drive’s contents are copied in to the “rfc” user’s home directory instead of the contents of the read-only file system. Then when they log off, everything is copied back. I suspect this could be a bit of a security hole if they were to use it to put a setuid binary on there or something, but a) I don’t think any of them are that smart, and b) I don’t think they could do that much damage even if they did. But just in case, I think I’d better make an image of the system for backup – I think I’m only using half a gig on a 10 gig drive. Too bad it doesn’t have a CD burner.